Wild Cat Program

Our Wild Cat Program (WCP) is designed for feral community cats. A feral cat is one that is not owned and avoids contact with humans. Our program offers $40 neuters and $60 spays for feral cats only. Cats who are being spayed or neutered as part of our Wild Cat Program will not receive a physical exam to determine their health status prior to undergoing anesthesia. All feral cats spayed or neutered as part of WCP will be given an ear tip to indicate that it has been spayed or neutered. To be a part of the program, cats must be brought to the clinic in a humane trap. Only a certain number of WCP appointments are available each month; call or text for availability

WCP appointments are payable by cash or check only. 

Contact Us: 

337-453-0267 (call or text)

1919 Sugar Oaks Road 

New Iberia, LA 70563